Sunday, July 24, 2011


Last night, I had the most real dream EVER. So real, it was almost scary.
It was about Christ's return. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, all those who were Christ followers were on a mountain top, gathered together. All nations, cultures, singing praises in all different languages. The sun started setting. It was the most beautiful sunset I think God has ever created(His son was coming for pete's sake). Then it went pitch black, the music stopped. Next thing you know, there was a loud trumpet blast and balss of fire feel from the sky then as quick as they came, they left.. Taking a family with it. One at a time, God came and took a family to be with Him in heaven. It was the most amazing thing. Too real to believe.

Then, I woke up cause I had to get ready for church. I would have loved to have never woken up.. or better yet, be IN the dream. Can't believe God allowed me to see the image that someday, will happen. Too bad I didn't see His face.

Guess this kinda goes with my post last Sunday about a "King on His way."

Thank you God for your faithfulness. and kindness. Thank you for ALWAYS being there and being our intercessor. We love you.

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